The Umpteenth Quasi-Annual
Yuba River Bicycle Music Festival
Returns to Nevada City and Grass Valley


The Yuba River Bicycle Music Festival is a free, family-oriented, human-powered music event that travels by bike between venues, and features live performances during the rides. The energy for the music amplification comes from the audience as they pedal special generator bikes—using no petroleum or grid power the whole day.



  • October 1st, 2016

  • Live On Bike Musical Caravan: Bike ride for the whole family—on the backstreets.

  • Free for the whole family

  • Hat will be passed, please bring cash to support the artists

  • Lineup  

  • Produced by the Pleasant Revolution

  • Interested volunteers should Click on link in Menu above or email:

  • Connect on FB.


We will be beginning in Condon Park, Grass Valley, for the first portion of the festival, where several bands will play, and we hope to have some bike demos, a raffle, and representation by various bicycle interests in the community.


We’ll then pack up the whole shebang and ride up a very scenic route to Nevada City, with LIVE music:


Yuba River Bicycle Music Festival - Route


Once there, we’ll close off Commercial Street and use it as the final venue for more bangin’ pedal powered bands. 


The Yuba River Bicycle Music Festival will be drawing from the rich culture and tradition of Bicycle Music Festivals (BMFs) which began in 2007 in San Francisco and has grown and spread each year. The concept has been emulated up and down the West Coast (with the help of YRBMF producers, see below)—in Eugene OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Vancouver, just up the road in Chico, and many cities around the world.



The BMF is:


  • Grass Roots

  • Sustainable

  • Pedal Powered

  • Local

  • Participatory

  • Inclusive

  • Ecologically Savvy

  • Health Promoting

  • Tasty!

  • Free!

  • Awesome!!


The YRBMF is a good for the Earth, good for the heart, great for the community festival that inspires, empowers, and ROCKS.  We hope you can join us in creating the world we want!

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