What’s a BMF?

Pleasant Revolution BMF Barcelona 2010

The BMF is a multi-venue, bicycle powered festival in which local bands perform on a fully self-contained stage with bicycle-powered amplifiers and lighting, which are fueled by the pedal-participation of the audience.

Multiple venues means that the entire festival packs up onto bikes and rides en masse together, artists and bands perform while rolling down the city streets mounted on the backs of cargo bikes and bike trailers outfitted with microphones and amplifiers. The sound is wirelessly routed to “soulcycle” party bikes interspersed throughout the crowd, surrounding the crowd with sound.

The result is often the highlight of the festival: a unified group of up to hundreds of cyclists, all grooving to the same live music, enjoying being out of cars with their community; celebrating bike culture, a departure from fossil-fuel dependence, and an awesome ride.

This is a unique and inspiring experience in music festivals, as every single audience member gets a chance to feel the power they can generate with their very own leg muscles- the music cannot go on without the pedal-power! A time tested recipe for audience participation, folks leave with a real sense of appreciation for how energy can be generated and fossil fuel saved, one pedal at a time.  How many small changes can add up to create something radically different!

Please see Rock the Bike’s website: www.bicyclemusicfestival.com

…And the Ginger Ninjas’ site for equipment specs (and more!) http://gingerninjas.com/footprint/our-system/

— and there will be plenty of help from the GV/NC community as well.  The BMF is free to attend, fully volunteer-supported, and the artists are paid with donations busked from the audience.

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