The Rides

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFor many BMF attendees (and volunteers), the musical ride is the highlight of the day. Nothing quite compares to feeling dozens of other riders going the same place at the same pace in the same party listening to the same music. 
Whether it’s a playlist created just for the occasion or a live set being played in real time by some of your fellow bike travelers, the bike ride between events is the can’t miss experience of the day. If you have limited time, skip all the amazing performances in the park and street, grab your two-wheeled thing, and take a ride with us!
LiveOnBike SF
This is a family friendly ride! We’re taking a route that’s mostly light traffic, and when we’re in GV, Brunswick, and NC, we’ll be safely escorted by our team of ride marshals. We’ll be riding just a little bit faster than walking pace so everyone can keep up. We’ll wait for everyone frequently so we stay together. But it doesn’t feel like waiting because we’ll be rocking out together!
Here’s the route for the main ride of the day, leaving Condon Park at 3pm, and taking approximately an hour and a half to go 7 miles to Commercial Street:
If there’s sufficient interest, we may offer a shuttle to help people get back to Grass Valley after the event. If you’d like to take advantage of this, please email us to sign up.
If you’d like to ride from Nevada City to Grass Valley with the volunteers early in the day, please do! This will also be a fun group ride with music. We’ll be leaving the Curly Wolf at 8:09 am.
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